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You Belong Songbook (Download Only)

You Belong Songbook (Download Only)

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Digital download (PDF) of the You Belong songbook. Has everything you need to play the songs from You Belong in your church or living room: lead sheets and guitar chords--including capo charts--for all songs, plus piano accompaniments for 5 of the songs. 

Songbook includes 5 piano arrangements by Dan Kreider.


Bring God’s Children Home (Psalm 68) with piano arrangement 
I Will Lift Up the Cup of Salvation (Psalm 116) 
I Will Not Hold Back (Psalm 40)  with piano arrangement
Know You Are Loved (Prayer of Humble Access)  with piano arrangement 
Sing Sing Sing (Psalm 96)
The Lord’s Become Our Salvation (Psalm 118) 
Those Who Fear the Lord (Psalm 112) 
We Are Waiting (Psalm 33)
We Rejoice (Psalm 65) with piano arrangement
You Belong (Psalm 87) with piano arrangement